Neil Eller

Neil is 16 years old, he's canadian and just moved to the United States. He's very anxious and tends to get in trouble for being quick to insults. He loves Roxette (secretly Ke$ha is his favorite), and spending time with his pet ferret Coco. He prefers being alone since he's not good with people. He has an older brother named Nathan. His favorite activity is reading .


Dion Selinn

Dion is 17 years old, he's mixed Canadian/Mexican and a huge stoner. He's always smiling and likes to play the guitar, he also has a wannabe band with Gwen and Nick. He enjoys sleeping and looking at big clouds. He dislikes drama and loves to relax.


Hannah Mills

Hannah is a 15 year old, Texas born girl. She's very short (shorter than Neil) and is a very cheerful and peppy girl. She loves making friends and talking, which annoys Neil to no end. She secretly enjoys annoying Neil. Hannah is also very clever, and loves being loud.

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